Silo Design, Manufacture and Installation

By contracting Rowlands Woodhouse to produce silos for your business, you can take advantage of bespoke service, turnkey management, years of expertise and dedication to cost-effectiveness and quality.

For a range of industries, we will listen to your brief then design, manufacture and install the following:

  • Smooth walled round silos – fully welded or bolted assembly
  • Square, rectangular and round bins – assembled at your factory or site
  • Twin skin panel section bins – forming ‘nests’ of bins for storage, blending or out-loading. The panels can be insulted if required.

Smooth Walled Round Silos
Our designed and manufactured silos primarily serve the bulk storage and handling industry, such as food mills, breweries, coal stores and power stations. Stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium fabrication, welding and bolting assembly, enamel and epoxy coating finishes are all carried out at our in-house manufacturing facility.
After your silo has been constructed in-line with your specifications, it can be cleaned, installed or relocated to any site. To find out more about this service, or to discuss your silo requirements with a technical expert.

Speak to one of our experienced engineers to discuss your needs, by calling 01692 405129 or emailing