Silos, Bins, Systems and Structural Steelwork for a wide range of UK Industries

Rowlands Woodhouse has a successful history of over 35 years in a wide range of industries: designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining bulk storage, process and handling systems. This has given us a proven track record in facilitating additional storage, helping to solve production problems, extending production flow rates, design and supplying plant extensions or completing new process facilities.

We design and build complete material process systems, individual items of equipment or storage facilities that fulfil your specific needs. No matter which sector you are in, we will design a bespoke system to meet your current requirements and, as far as possible, future proof them.

At Rowlands Woodhouse, we understand the specific needs, challenges and safety issues associated with all industry sectors:

  • Animal Feed, Flour Milling Industry, Food Industries and Grain Handling Industry– process systems, including potentially volatile material storage and handling.
  • Biomass and Bio fuel – to process your biomass and bio fuels, we design, manufacture and install biomass fine grinders, pulverising systems, bio fuel manufacture and material   reduction process systems.
  • Waste Material Recycling – to process, reduce, sort, dry and detect ferrous / non-ferrous materials
  • Chemical Industry – we can handle and store materials that may be hydroscopic, or have poor handling characteristics, dust and odours.
  • Power Stations – We are able to design and supply the systems for the co-firing of biomass and pelleted fuel

All the industrial sectors have similar common elements:

  • Various types of intakes
  • Material storage – silos / bins, bin blocks, flat storage
  • Holding bins – process buffering
  • Material handling – screw conveyors, belt conveyors, elevators, pneumatic conveying, silo/bin dischargers, feeders
  • Process equipment – material cleaning / separation, drying, blending, weighing, mixing, material reduction / grinding, pelleting, cooling
  • Finished product storage / handling – holding bins – lorry out loading bins – big bag stations
  • Control systems e.g. PLC control panels
  • Mechanical and electrical installations

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