Structural Storage and Bulk Material Handling Products UK

If you want storage and handling products that are expertly designed and bespoke to your requirements, Rowlands Woodhouse is the company for you. We manufacture an extensive range of products for bulk materials storage, handling and process systems, from bespoke silos to complete turn-key production facilities, mechanical conveying systems and process equipment.

Our products will meet the individual requirements of your industry. We pride ourselves on personalised service backed by good quality, to meet current and future business needs.

There are two types of load cell weigh hoppers – a single hopper or a double dump hopper.

Single weigh hopper – Fitted with either a variable pitch screw or a chain and flight conveyor. 
The load cells are located onto the hopper body and steelwork supporting frame, a defined amount of material may be fed into the hopper, then discharged as a batch via the discharger when required, in to the system. 

Double dump weigh hopper – Comprises of two hoppers one above the other. The top hopper accepts the material and registers its weight and is fitted with a ‘bomb door’ to allow the material to fall into the under hopper. Once the material has left the top hopper the bomb doors close and the material may be fed in to the top hopper, while the original batch of material in the bottom hopper is being discharged in to the system.

Weighing and Control
The weighing system uses load cells that are linked via transducers and amplifier to the PLC in the control panel. This allows the PLC to control several different pre-determined weights accurately, to form the batch required for the up-line processing system.

The size of the hoppers are dependent on the batch size and the physical site space available.
Levelling screws may be used at the top of the top hopper. This enables the materials with a poor angle of repose to be spread evenly across the hopper.

Drum Dryers
Drum dryers are normally used within process systems and depending on the materials, can be
manufactured from carbon steels or a combination of carbon and stainless steel. The drying medium is dry steam and uses a recirculation system that efficiently and cost effectively removes moisture. The dryers may be used in most industries, including biomass. For materials that are very high in moisture content, a belt or screw press may be used prior to the drum dryer to help make the running more cost effective.

Turnkey Mills

We have the capacity to produce and design a complete factory or mill in house. Working alongside the customer to produce the desired plant or systems required. Rowlands Woodhouse have examples of new build and remodels of existing plants that have spanned over the last twenty five years. So you can rely on the service and quality that we are able to offer.

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