Structural Storage and Bulk Material Handling Products UK

If you want storage and handling products that are expertly designed and bespoke to your requirements, Rowlands Woodhouse is the company for you. We manufacture an extensive range of products for bulk materials storage, handling and process systems, from bespoke silos to complete turn-key production facilities, mechanical conveying systems and process equipment.

Our products will meet the individual requirements of your industry. We pride ourselves on personalised service backed by good quality, to meet current and future business needs.

Screw conveyors and feeders are essential for dealing with powdered or granular materials. They are commonly used for general movement and distribution of bulk materials, bulk intake, silo discharge and hopper discharge applications.

Rowlands Woodhouse will design the conveyor to suit your required application and can design mixing conveyors if required.

Screw Conveyors and Augers
Flighting selections depend on application

  • R/H or L/H standard flighting
  • Crescent
  • Ribbon
  • Paddle

Types of Applications

  • Abrasive materials
  • Damp, wet materials
  • Fluidised materials
  • Greasy, oily products
  • Hot, cold or wet environments
  • Sizes vary from 150mm diameter to 600mm diameter
  • Full pitch flight for pure conveying
  • Variable pitch and tapered flight for discharging from a storage bin
  • Pressure relief safety cut-off switch located above the last outlet
  • Can be multi-inlet and multi-outlet
  • Outlet cut-off slides can be hand operated, electric motor operated or pneumatically operated
  • Mild steel or stainless steel constructionInside factory

Scraper Chain Conveyors

  • Single or double strand conveyors
  • Capacities from 30 tph. to 250 tph.
  • Pressure relief automatic cut-off switch
  • Can be multi-inlet or multi-outlet
  • Outlet cut-off slides can be hand operated, electric motor operated or pneumatically operated
  • Wear strips are fitted for quiet running
  • Mild steel or stainless steel construction

Bin Dischargers 
Bin dischargers are one of various methods of discharging a silo or bin. They are commonly used for the discharge of free flowing bulk materials for silo discharge and hopper discharge applications

Dischargers may be used for many different materials, from grains, feeds and foods to oilseeds, biomass, waste and minerals. The dischargers may be designed with a single screw flight shaft of multiple shafts and can be linked to an inverter to give a variable speed discharge.

  • Discharger sizes – as screw conveyors
  • Variable pitch or tapered flighting used for discharging silos, blending systems and storage bins
  • Flared inlet to aid the product flow into the discharger
  • Construction – mild steel or stainless steel
  • Finish – painted or galvanized


Belt and Bucket Elevators 
Bucket elevators are a simple but effective method of elevating free flowing and semi-free flowing bulk materials with poor flow characteristics. Their inherent simplicity makes them a popular choice for bulk material handling and processing applications.
Bucket elevators operate across the world in a wide variety of markets, from grains, feeds and foods to oilseeds, biomass, waste and minerals.

Low power usage compared with other methods

  • Capacities up to 250 tph.
  • Heavy duty hardened steel wear plates located in high wear locations
  • Backstop fitted to top drum
  • Chain drive or direct couple drive from geared motor
  • Buckets can be fitted at varying centres of belt
  • Explosion relief panels fitted to main trunking
  • Bottom drums are adjustable
  • Paint, galvanised or stainless steel finish
  • Maintenance platform can be supplied around the delivery head
  • Access ladders are available for maintenance platform

Optional Extras

Various belting types available to suit the materials being handled

  • Variety of buckets are available – pressed steel (mild and stainless), with or without wear band, plastic and bottomless.
  • Solid crown drum or slatted dependent on material type being handled.
  • Rotation and belt alignment sensors
  • Maintenance platforms around the head of the elevator with access ladder where required.

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