Biomass Fine Grinders and Pulverising Systems

If you require biomass and bio fuel manufacture or material reduction/grinding, you can receive a specialist service from Rowlands Woodhouse. We work with your company to deliver the right biomass or pulverising system for you, including:

  • Concept advice
  • Design and supply of processing equipment
  • Turnkey project management with PLC control panels

The design, manufacture, installation and contracts of all biomass processing systems are handled in-house, helping to reduce the capital cost, ensure contractual control and improve the transparency of our work.

Rowlands Woodhouse uses both standard and new technologies to meet current Government legislation, in terms of emission control and the disposal of waste materials and recycling.

To satisfy your specific environmental requirements, our fully qualified design and engineering teams will develop tailored solutions such as:

  • Reducing or removing the need for land fill and producing revenue
  • Removal of elements from gas or flue emissions to recover carbon
  • Produce hydrogen from water
  • Produce green diesel from waste
  • Producing steam, heat or electricity that may be used on a private site or fed into an electrical grid
  • Converting raw materials into pellets or briquettes for use as bio fuels
  • Reducing materials and supplying systems for co-firing and bio fuel conversions for power stations
  • Producing RDF fuel from MSW

Contact us on 01692 405129 or to discuss your biomass fuel or system needs with an experienced technical engineer.